Flanders wants to be a culinary destination by 2020. Together we invest in three objectives:

More, better and smarter promotion of our cuisine

BierWhen it comes to its gastronomic range, Flanders ranks at the top. And yet Belgium still isn’t seen as a culinary destination. We aim to change that. We are looking to entice more tourists to sample a taste of our rich culinary culture through more, better and smarter promotion of our gastronomic flagships, both within Belgium and abroad. We are working to the best of our ability to develop a shared representation of Flemish culinary culture. Our ability to transparently communicate to and about the culinary sector and to the local and international media is crucial. This will allow us to capitalise as much as possible on the potential of Flemish culinary professionals, products and companies as culinary ambassadors.

Stimulate culinary innovation and talent

Seppe NobelsWe also aim to remain a leading culinary region after 2020. Further to this, we are guaranteeing our culinary future by encouraging innovation and fostering talent. Only by doing this will our efforts to strengthen our culinary reputation yield long-term results. That is why, in partnership with producers and Flemish companies, we are encouraging a culture of permanent innovation among chefs and in catering training programmes. We scout out young talent and prepare them for international competitions and missions.

Recognition for and of culinary craftsmanship at domestic level

You simply cannFrietot have a top without a solid foundation. Our gastronomic flagships, as well as our broadly-oriented, high-quality fleet, are crucial to our culinary ambitions. We encourage initiatives that put culinary craftsmanship in the spotlight in the Flemish region and provide it with broad-based support. The idea is to create support and appreciation for a sector whose potential in terms of tourism and economic activity is all too often underestimated.