Captains of Gastronomy

The core team of Flanders Food Faculty is made up of experts, or rather the affectionately dubbed ‘Captains of Gastronomy’. They act as the steering committee of Flanders Food Faculty and are responsible for drawing up and implementing an annually compiled action plan. They detect needs in the professional field, spot opportunities and set priorities for the operation of Flanders Food Faculty.

The ‘Captains of Gastronomy’ support the implementation of activities with hands-on advice, tips and concrete proposals. They put their expertise and network at the disposal of the organisation to supervise actions, create synergies and encourage discussion in and with the professional field. Acting as a sounding board for the actions taken by partners within the Flanders Food Faculty, they not only actively contribute to communication about Flanders Food Faculty’s activities, but also take responsibility for specific projects.

A ‘Captain of Gastronomy’ has extensive knowledge of the operation of the tourist industry and/or the gastronomic sphere of operations (at national and/or international level). He or she has a network in the tourist or catering industry, or in the food industry, and is prepared to mobilize this network in a Flanders Food Faculty context. A ‘captain’ believes unconditionally in Flanders’ culinary assets and is excited about being actively engaged in strengthening and promoting them.

Our ‘Captains of Gastronomy’:

  • Ben Weyts
  • Peter De Wilde
  • Sofie Van Den Bossche
  • Peter Goossens
  • Danny Van Assche


  • Nancy Lippens
  • Kasper Stuart
  • Frans De Wachter
  • Frank Cops
  • Peter Scholliers
  • Raph Van Loocke


  • Filip Vanheusden
  • Bartel Dewulf
  • Claire Tillekaerts
  • Krispijn Yperman
  • Wim Ballieu
  • Bernard Lefèvre
  • Joachim Boudens