Culinary Competitions

In Flanders we hold a large expertise and tradition with our gastronomy which can undoubtedly compete on an international level. In order to promote our country/region we take part in various (inter)national international competitions with our own National Culinary Team.

The National Culinary Team will train in the upcoming years for prestigious competitions such as Bocuse d’Or. The (even in Flanders) lesser known competitions, but worldwide renowned competitions such as Culinary World Cup and Olympiade der Küche, will become our scene of action.

The National Culinary Team will be prepared in a long-term course for these competitions. They will take part in both national and international competitions, such as the preparation for Bocuse d’Or. This course which will have a touristic, economic and competitive impact, will partly be made possible through a multidisciplinary approach by the departments of Economy, Sports and Tourism.

The Flanders Food Faculty will join forces with the existing gastronomic associations in Flanders in order to enforce and professionalize them nationally. The training for international competitions will be in the hands of the Flanders Food Faculty.

Hilaire Spreuwers
Gastronomie Consulent