Culinary Exchange

The gastronomic sector has a long tradition of acquiring knowledge through apprenticeship. Young graduates looking to develop their talent often combine on-the-job training with certain chefs while doing an apprenticeship with another set of chefs.

The objective of these apprenticeships is always to acquire new knowledge, insights and techniques and to further one’s professional development. The learning path of promising young chefs is a determining factor in the style and signature that they develop.

By following an apprenticeship in Flanders, foreign chefs will be able to get a taste of our successful culinary entrepreneurship and will, in this way, become international ambassadors of our Flemish ground breaking craftsmanship. On the other hand, Flemish chefs are also encouraged to acquire expertise abroad and subsequently use it in their own restaurants.

Current apprenticeship opportunities, whether in Belgium or abroad, are still relatively unknown. The Flanders Food Faculty aims to take stock of these and organise them better. Additionally, it aims to render these learning paths more visible to and more easily accessible by the sector.


All relevant information about culinary training (eg. procedure) can be found here soon.

Krispijn Yperman