Flanders' Culinary Position

The culinary position of Flanders has not received adequate international acclaim. It has come to our attention that the international press and chefs working in Flanders avail themselves of a diversity of explanations when it comes to describing the Flemish eating, drinking and dining culture. That is also why there is a clear need for a single frame of reference to ensure that our Flemish culinary culture ends up with a stronger personality. Our objective is to establish a clear positioning that distinguishes us from other culinary destinations.

This statement describes our ambition to become culinary destination, and which Flanders wishes to promote at an international level. It is therefore more than just a historic description of our gastronomic culture. The position statement has engendered the support of Flanders’ extensive culinary sector, and will be promoted as the principal frame of reference for the international promotion of the Flemish eating, drinking and dining culture by the Flanders Food Faculty in its role as networking organisation.