Flanders Food Faculty welcomes three new Captains of Gastronomy

  • September 12, 2016

The ‘Captains of Gastronomy’ act as a steering committee for the Flanders Food Faculty and are the pioneers of a sector that will safeguard the culinary future of Flanders. Each of these has already established a solid track record in the tourist industry and/or gastronomic sector.


We are currently able to appeal to 16 highly motivated captains, and starting today we will be well coming three new ones: Wim Ballieu, Joachim Boudens and Bernard Lefèvre.


Wim Ballieu is the founder of the Balls & Glory food concept: hand-made stuffed meatballs with a twist. Acclaimed ‘Best Food Concept in Europe’ in 2013, Balls & Glory is ready to conquer the world with branches in Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven and Eindhoven. Wim Ballieu’s cuisine advocates simplicity, craftsmanship and seasonal ingredients.


Joachim Boudens started at Hertog Jan in 2002, and together with Gert De Mangeleer turned it into the Michelin starred restaurant it is today. Boudens was elected Belgium’s ‘First sommelier’ in the prestigious Prosper Montagné Competition in 2005. This year, he was also voted ‘Sommelier of the year’.


Bernard Lefèvre has been a dedicated ‘chippie’ for the past 15 years and is chairman of Navefri, Belgium’s national association of chip shops. He calls himself living proof of the theory that eating chips regularly does not necessarily lead to obesity, and calls the paper cone that chips are traditionally served in the secret chip code of the Belgian people.