Flanders Kitchen Lab

With a view to preserving and safeguarding Belgium’s culinary identity, the Flanders Food Faculty is looking to invest in culinary innovation. That’s what’s behind it’s active quest for a place where the food industry and international visionaries can meet and challenge one another, and where chefs and artisanal or industrial producers can collaborate and exchange scientific knowledge.

Flanders’ Food currently has an existing platform at its disposal that brings together the corporate community, government bodies and academic institutes (universities, colleges, centres of expertise) in an international network to generate answers to numerous scientific and technological questions with regard to food and nutrition. Although Flanders’ Food operates primarily for businesses in the agri-food industry, and only to a very limited extent for the gastronomic sector, we believe that they would be the perfect partner to jointly set up the Flanders Kitchen Lab.

Food Pilot, the laboratory operated by Flanders’ Food and IAFR (Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research), helps to fine-tune food products and processes. It is an application and analysis centre for the agri-food industry, and offers a structural and creative framework for boosting Flemish culinary innovation, from idea to product, or for a specific step within a process.

Potential research topics and action points include:

  • Dissemination of information already acquired about the Flanders Food Faculty in the catering industry
  • Health trend: comparing the relationship between reducing salt, fat and sugar to taste and quality
  • Food-pairing with non-alcoholic beverages
  • Encouraging the use of all parts of animals and every kind of vegetable
  • Making edible things ‘taste good’: ‘invasive species’, new products, etc.