Flemish team in the running for the world finals of the Bocuse d’Or

  • May 13, 2016

Chef Peter Aesaert, committee member Michelle Boone and coach Jo Nelissen succeeded in Budapest (Hungary) in coming in ninth in the European Finals of the Bocuse d’Or. The first 11 of all participating European countries will move on to the World Final in Lyon (France) in 2017. The Bocuse d’Or is the most prestigious culinary competition in the world today. Through its Flanders Food Faculty, VISITFLANDERS aims to prepare even more chefs to participate in similar competitions and, in doing so, put Flanders in the spotlight internationally as a first-class culinary destination.

The performance of the Flemish team can certainly be called unique, because the journey to the World Final is long and requires the utmost in the field of culinary creativity. By participating in national and continental preliminary rounds, teams from countries all over the world do their utmost to secure a place in the Bocuse d’Or World Final. Peter Aesaert works as a chef at Belgocatering and was given the necessary time and facilities by his employer to thoroughly prepare for the competition. This was the second time that he was chosen to represent our country at European level. Aesaert managed to come out as a winner in the national selection round once before.

The Flemish team is now one of the 24 teams that will be fighting the culinary battle of next year’s World Final. This marvellous result proves that our Flemish gastronomy is of the highest quality that should and must be acclaimed internationally. After all, in Flanders you can enjoy wonderful products at every pub and every table, and that is exactly what makes our tourist destination so unique.

To showcase this wonderful asset internationally, VISITFLANDERS recently established the Flanders Food Faculty. The purpose of the Flanders Food Faculty is, among others, to put national and international competitions such as the Bocuse d’Or on the map, and to prepare our Flemish chefs to participate in these. VISITFLANDERS aims to offer the chefs all the necessary guidance and promotion so that they can concentrate fully on their culinary mission and cook some truly incredible food.