Culinary positioning

We aim to establish a single clear, joint reference framework with future-oriented quality criteria. This allows us to strengthen the association between Flanders and “good food” among foreign entrepreneurs, tourists and investors.

Cutting-edge craftsmanship

The branding policy for “pioneering craftsmanship” is our guideline. Knowledge is handed down from generation to generation of culinary craftsmen, and the high-quality training programmes and research in Flanders also contribute. A craftsman respects culinary heritage, while always keeping an eye out for innovation. We pay tribute to the producers and the people who work with the products.

Growing stronger together thanks to co-creation and co-funding

We join forces with each of the partners involved, whether from the private or public sector. We share our expertise and networks and jointly invest in the reputation and future of culinary Flanders. Additionally, we purposefully conclude partnerships with private and public organisations that want to help achieve our objective of strengthening and promoting Flanders as a culinary destination.

An enjoyable experience at every pub and table

In Flanders you can eat just as well in a chip shop or a bistro as in a high-end restaurant. In fact, the gap between Michelin-starred restaurants and the corner bistro is nowhere as small as in Flanders. Our gastronomic flagships, as well as our broadly-oriented, high-quality fleet, are crucial to our culinary ambitions.