5 December 2015 saw the official launch of the Flanders Food Faculty. A partnership charter was signed based on Flemish Minister of Tourism Ben Weyts’ initiative and in the presence of 15 ‘Captains of Gastronomy’.

The partnership charter clarifies the ambitions and specific actions needed to enable Flanders to compete with other culinary destinations such as Spain, Denmark or Peru. The ultimate mission is to make Flanders a top culinary destination by 2020.

The charter was preceded by extensive meetings between chefs, producers, culinary organisations and interest groups. The ensuing discussions mainly illustrated how Flanders still doesn’t make enough of an impression among the many countries that have already been pursuing an intensive marketing strategy to promote their gastronomic culture for years.

A core team will draw up an operational action plan once a year to concretely redefine the mission and ambitions of the Flanders Food Faculty.