Culinary position of Flanders

Culinaire positieThe culinary position of Flanders has not received adequate international acclaim. It has come to the attention of VISITFLANDERS that the international press and chefs working in Flanders avail themselves of a diversity of explanations when it comes to describing Flemish eating, drinking and dining culture. That is also why there is a clear need for a single, clear frame of reference to ensure our Flemish culinary culture ends up with a stronger personality.

Culinary Talent

Culinair TalentIn order to improve our competitive position, we want to develop a project to scout out culinary talent in Flanders and provide these talented individuals with the necessary guidance in preparing for culinary missions or international competitions. In this, we aim to give Flemish culinary talent opportunity for further development.

Flanders Kitchen Lab

Flanders Kitchen LabWith a view to preserving and safeguarding Belgium’s culinary identity, the Flanders Food Faculty is looking to invest in culinary innovation. That’s what’s behind it’s active quest for a place where the food industry and international visionaries can meet and challenge one another, and where chefs and artisanal or industrial producers can collaborate and exchange scientific knowledge.

Culinary Exchange

Culinaire UitwisselingThe gastronomic sector has a long tradition of acquiring knowledge through apprenticeship. Young graduates looking to develop their talent often combine on-the-job training with certain chefs while doing an apprenticeship with another set of chefs.

Local Support

Lokaal DraagvlakInternational renown for our own Flemish craftsmanship and culinary identity starts with our own population. No one is better suited than a Fleming to promote his or her favourite regional products and the products that are unique to his or her own region to the outside world. Unfortunately, we Flemings tend to be far too modest, which is why the Flanders Food Faculty aims to take action and kindle enthusiasm among local citizens, the catering industry and tourist services in order to put our regional products in the spotlight.